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The International Portal is core of international network of National Portals. This network combines enterprises from all over the world into one consolidated system aiming to share best practices in a field of human competence in activity.

How it works? Imagine that you have a tasks like recrutment procedure, career planning, competence development, etc. In this case you can use the application Assessment Work Place and to create these tasks like small projects in our system. This application gives you great possibilities manage tasks for your employes, experts and candidates into assessment processes. It also gives to your experts great possibilities to use our international bank of professional knowledge for creating different and difficult tests for assessment procedures. Your candidates and employes will be able to pass their assessment procedures using remote services of the Portal. So you can have not only useful instrument for automatization of your HR tasks, but also powerful source of modern knowledge about competencies in different kinds of human activity. it means your experts will be able to look on their own competence from a new view point - view point of best knowledge from all over the world!

Why we use this approach and can not use a web-application for it? Because personal data of your employes and candidates can be collected only in your internal database and it's very important issue of security and law. But one of the most important moments in this context is your readiness to give an expert knowledge for the system. It's a main principle of Portal work and it can be worded like 'You gives information - you takes information!'.

So, the technology of International Portal gives to society an unique opportunity to look from another foreshortening at processes of its development both in a global scale, and in a local scales of individual structures. The more users on the Portal, the more effective its unique toolkit, which is a derivative of the totality of knowledge and experience of all users. It will allow to any organization and people around the world to be competent in their activities, so, in spite of all the difficulties of competition, Portal's users will be more frequently win it, that will significantly improve their "insubmersibility" in the context of the global crisis.

On all matters relating to the Portal, please contact us at: hr@assessment-centre.net or by phone in Moscow: +7 916 810 16 15 and go to website of the Portal at assessment-centre.net, where we publishes an information on recent developments and changes in the system.
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